Revolutionary technology for the private aviation industry.

OpenJet 360 is a comprehensive, cloud-based platform for private aircraft operators.

We connect charter operators to thousands of customers through our booking platforms and connections with leading Global Distribution Systems for travel agencies worldwide.

Manage Operations Efficiently

By seamlessly combining your sales and operations, OpenJet connects and manages every aspect of your business. Your sales team can check aircraft and crew availabilities in real time; your clients no longer need to wait.

Optimize Your Operations

Our smart algorithms are constantly improving, we help you to optimize crews and aircraft for dispatch, reducing your empty legs and increasing your profits.

Grow your customer base, bookings, and revenues with OpenJet.

Through connections to major GDS, OpenJet gives you access to 90% of travel agents worldwide.

B2C Real-Time On-Demand Booking App

Digital and mobile integration allows millions of potential clients to book your private jet flights.


B2C Real-Time Empty Leg Booking App

31k members and more than 10,000 empty legs displayed online to date on our Cojetage platform.


B2B Real-Time Booking Through Leading GDS

We connect thousands of travel agents to available charter flights, helping create a new channel of revenue for your business, thanks to our exclusive partner AMADEUS the leading worldwide Global Distribution Services'.

The customized OpenJet ERP solution covers all charter operators’ needs, from sales, to ops, to crew.

Built-in CRM and sales modules

Real-time, cloud-based technology

All your data backed up in a secure cloud environment

OpenJet can be customized to meet your particular needs

The transition to OpenJet is quick & simple: we take care of everything for you.

Sign Up

OpenJet only requires online setup. No specific training is necessary as OpenJet is the most intuitive management platform on the market.


We gather all your existing information and re-arrange it to match our enhanced data structures.


All your data is mapped to OpenJet’s secure, cloud-based platform, and completely backed up by our own internal servers.


The OpenJet support team is on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring a seamless, one-day transition.

We receive commissions on flights purchased directly by consumers on our own distribution platforms.

Why OpenJet?

OpenJet started with the realization that private aviation is the last and largest uncharted transportation territory in real-time booking. Charter companies’ operations are typically not optimized, while for clients, booking is slow and inefficient.

  • Developed, tested, and used by leading operators since 2013
  • Leveraged by AirFrance. Read article
  • Funded by top European Venture Capital firms

OpenJet was created BY operators FOR operators. We integrate the front and back office in a way that has NEVER been done before.