Our OfferOpenjet lets you compare, book and manage your flights easier, and faster than ever


Our Guarantee

OpenJet makes chartering a private aircraft as simple as booking a hotel room. Forget the traditional brokerage system and the numerous back-and-forth to get a very opaque quote : OpenJet cuts out the middle-man and lets you book your private jet in real time with just a few clicks through its easy-to-use platform.

Superb service

Our technology takes care of all elements that don’t require human decision – crunching numbers, quoting trips, and calculating fees instead – which mean that our team can focus on giving you the best possible service. Experienced air concierges are available 24 / 7 to provide you with any help you should need. We carefully select our partners for consistent in-flight experience, while we offer numerous best-in-class customized services to make sure there is no wrinkle in your travel plans.

Peace of mind

While all our partners have to successfully pass a thorough and rigorous process conducted by their country's aviation authority to get their certification, we conduct our own due diligence process to guarantee the industry’s highest safety standards. For your total peace of mind, a comprehensive privacy policy ensure your discretion and the protection of your private data.

How does it work

OpenJet is the only private jet charter marketplace to offer real time, accurate pricing and availability. You may change any aspect of your trip, and see the revised options. Tailor your own itinerary to suit your travel requirements and hit search.

Our smart algorithm works through all the operational complexities, calculates all related costs, then provides you with options that meet your specific requirements at highly-competitive prices, without any hidden fees. Then, pick your preferred trip among your customized options.

Choose the terminal and in-flight services for your trip, and add any special requirements.

Review your itinerary, process to payment, and book your private jet in a final click.

Our team of dedicated air concierges are on hand for everything you need, before, during and after our trip.