What can OpenJet 360 do for me?

OpenJet 360 will increase your quote to sale conversion ratios through our fast and accurate quotation system. Your sales team can deliver offers in seconds based on your real time aircraft location and availability, crew scheduling, aviation regulations, and airport availability. Your operations teams will be able to efficiently control your full operations processes whilst keeping you seamlessly connected to your flight crews where ever they are in the world.

Can we try OpenJet 360 for free?

Absolutely and we’d love to have you try our platform for yourself! Please fill in this quick form and we will activate your free 30 days trial.

Can you help us migrate from our existing software(s)?

Yes. To assist you in this transition, our experienced team will ensure that your existing data is properly imported and will configure the platform accordingly. If you are running in-house software, our engineering team will work with you to expedite this process.

Can I export all the data that will be stored within OpenJet 360?

OpenJet 360 comes with a built-in export feature that allows you to export most of the data (flight history, sales activity, documents, etc.) in CSV/XLS format. If you can’t export the data you are looking for or would like to get it in a different format such as SQL, our team can perform custom exports for you free-of-charge.

Is OpenJet 360 right for me?

OpenJet 360 unlocks significant productivity gains regardless of your fleet size, by streamlining the entire lifecycle from booking and sales through operations and reporting. Whether you are managing one or many aircraft, you’ll find that our software makes your job easier.

What’s the difference between OpenJet 360 and other solutions?

We fit where others fail. Our Flight Time Limitation engine and scheduling algorithms are the results of multiple years of research and development with operators, professional pilots and operations managers. We’ve worked hard to combine ease of use and flexibility in a cutting edge tool that maximizes your efficiency.

Do you provide training?

During your free trial and as a client, our support team is available at no extra cost via screen share. We usually recommend one day of on-site training when we onboard you on the platform so that we set you up for success. If you’d like extensive training for a large team, we will share a tailor-made training plan. On-site training is a paid service (per day).

Can you deliver custom features?

We can customize OpenJet 360 to your specific needs. We will work with you to evaluate the required effort and how this fits in our product development plans. If the requested customization can be useful to other clients as well, the cost will be discounted accordingly, or even waived.

What’s your pricing model and how can we pay?

We charge a flat fee per active aircraft, plus initial setup costs that include training. We accept wire transfers and most credit cards.

Do you charge any taxes?

In all European Union countries but Luxembourg (our HQ), VAT is reverse charged which means that you pay it directly in your country. In all countries outside of the European Union, invoices will be VAT free.

Will you support us during an audit?

Yes. Our support team is available if your civil aviation authority wants to review your use of OpenJet 360. We have previously helped operators in Europe and the United Kingdom document how our FTL engine enables them to enforce compliance and increase safety.

How do you ensure the security and privacy of our data?

OpenJet 360 allows you to define fine-grained access policies within your organization thanks to Roles and Permissions. We segregate the data of each operator in a dedicated database, perform automatic backups and use end-to-end encryption. Additionally, OpenJet operates out of Luxembourg, in Europe, and is strictly compliant with GDPR.

Where is your infrastructure?

Our platform is currently hosted in multiple European data centres operated by Amazon Web Services, which are ISO, PCI and SOC certified. You can learn more about AWS compliance programs here.