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OpenJet and VentureDive announced today that they are partnering on a mobile booking application for business aviation operators.

Operators can now leverage OpenJet’s real-time scheduling engine to offer instant quotes within their own user-friendly mobile app. Thanks to OpenJet’s comprehensive flight and duty time limitations module and cutting-edge planning algorithm, quotes are based on up-to-date aircraft and crew availability. In the background, powerful pricing profiles can accommodate the most complex quoting strategies.

Beyond branding, the mobile application is fully customizable to meet the requirements of operators. VentureDive will work with them to deliver a smooth customer journey that will delight even their most demanding passengers. To ensure a seamless experience, features such as push notifications, passport scanning, and credit card payments are available out of the box. Additional services such as ground transportation and concierge are available upon request.

“This partnership truly enables operators and their clients to shorten the time from inquiry to takeoff. Private aviation prides itself about high-end customer service, but so far, had limited tools to upgrade the passenger experience. We are thrilled to apply the unique scheduling and optimization capabilities we’ve developed since 2014 to this challenge.” said OpenJet Managing Director Pierre Lavaux.

“While bespoke charters require a lot of manual coordination, we found that with OpenJet’s smart backend and a thoughtful customer-facing application, we could unlock significant efficiencies. Most importantly, a mobile application is much more than a sales channel. Operators can turn apps to their advantage to gather valuable feedback and foster loyalty.” said VentureDive Vice President of Business Development Murtaza Saeed.

About OpenJet

Founded in 2014, OpenJet empowers operators with a cloud-based flight management suite which encompasses the entire lifecycle of business aviation. Our ground-breaking scheduling engine frees up valuable time in your sales and operations departments and helps you win more business across distribution channels.

About VentureDive

VentureDive is a technology services company that creates and invests in high-end technology products and solutions to improve lives worldwide. With 5 offices across the globe, VentureDive has worked with digital leaders such as Google, Mckinsey, Unilever, and Careem. Their teams of designers, developers and product managers know how to deliver on time and budget.

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